Included here are a summary of assignments conducted by WMGS on behalf of the following client classifications. Our assignments have ranged in scope and duration depending on the needs of our clients.

Pharmaceutical Companies:

  • Creating in-depth content for a company’s website for their medical education and marketing managers around the world providing regulations, current practices, local societies, meded companies and other resources.
  • Counseling and building a CME strategy in Canada where client had just opened an office and in Mexico where they wanted a larger presence.
  • In a year-long project, helped set-up a European IME structure, examined and recommended elements for success. Conducted a landscape analysis of seven therapeutic categories in 10 countries in Europe and Asia-Pac. Participated in an examination and development of Codes of Conduct and advised internal global executives on creating their own IME standards.

For Medical Societies:

  • Developed a three-year strategy for a European medical society looking to expand offerings beyond face-to-face meetings, conferences, conventions and seminars.
  • Worked on a plan to identify perceived and actual needs of a society’s members and the value of existing educational offerings.

For Medical Education Companies:

  • Examined getting European accreditation for a client’s U.S. developed CME.
  • Analyzed the CME/CPD market in Brazil by: physician requirements in four specialties; how accreditation is granted; who accredits; and what formats and what alliances / partnerships would be useful for a point-of-care product.
  • Evaluated potential success of developing a dermatology meeting in Singapore by doing an analysis of competition, role of local medical societies, how best to market such a meeting, finding local KOLs and logistic partners.

For Medical Publishing Companies:

  • Examined opportunities and challenges of taking their US developed CME to Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and France.
  • Explored educational needs of specialists and GPs practicing in urban areas of India and what it would take to build a business there.