Our Team

Dennis K. Wentz, MD CCHP FAAPL
Dennis K. Wentz MD CCHP FAAPL is well known in the field of CME and CPD in the U.S. and abroad. He was at the American Medical Association, as Director of the Division of Continuing Physician Professional Development of the AMA.
Lewis A. Miller, MS CCHP
Lewis A. Miller MS CCHP has a distinguished career in the field of CME/CPD as founder of both the Alliance for Continuing Medical Education and the Global Alliance for Medical Education. He also co-founded two major medical publishing - medical education companies.
Barbara Pritchard, BJ, MA
Managing Principal
Barbara Pritchard BJ MA has worked with organizations in Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pac. Her consulting company has worked with a number of medical societies and publishing companies. At Medical Economics she had responsibility for Europe and Mexico as well as the U.S. clinical journals and medical education in the U.S.
Philip Dombrowski, MBA, FACEHP
Philip Dombrowski MBA has a wide ranging career in medical education. His experience includes working for pharmaceutical companies, a medical society, and medical education companies in the U.S. and Europe. He is the 2019 President of the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp).